Monday, October 29, 2012

Chapters VI,VII & VIII

These three chapters were full of new learning experiences for me. Although I felt that all three were quite informational, I did not find chapter 6 as interesting as chapters 7 & 8. I have always been interested in the cause and effects of alcohol abuse. The myths of alcoholism running in families, and the damaging effects that alcohol can have on a person and their surroundings. I suppose I have taken such an interest in alcohol and its effects because, alcoholism is not stranger in my family. It was interesting to do some internet research in regards to genetic studies that have been done. Im not so convinced that there is a distinct gene that causes alcoholism, because then that would be like saying there is a specific gene that causes cigarette smoking. I feel that it is much for feasible to say that an alcoholic is more prone to impulsive decision making and has a lack of control when put into certain social and emotional situations.
I think that the information that I brought to the discussion was information that was needed. Alcoholism is a tricky subject due to the wide abuse of the substance. The book states; “Large scale studies of twins suggest that addictions such as alcoholism are among the most inherited types of mental illnesses.” “Despite the prominent role of heritability in the expression of alcohol dependence, the environment is equally as important.” It’s a two headed coin. There is an abundance of information on both hereditary and environmental aspects of alcoholism and I don’t feel that you can blame just one. The cause and effect in my opinion is a culmination of both.
I feel as if while I was researching for not just my post alone, but for response posts, I stumbled across some very shocking and incredible websites that sparked an interest in me. While doing research to respond to Chelsea-Sue I came across a study that was done on social status and alcoholism. It was interesting to learn about this study and the effect that alcohol has on the happiness of “upper class” college students. More information can be found here -à
I feel that I put forth a good effort in the discussions. I work hard to try and find a subject and articles that others would not have thought to look at. I always try to look for a different angle to present materials and although sometimes I feel like its possible that it will hinder a discussion, it is still credible information that needs to be reviewed. I think that I can improve my discussions by relating a mixture of both cited book material and website research instead of just using website research.
As far as words that were new to me this module there were a handful. One of those words being:
Hepatotoxic effect- The first stage of liver disorder, which is alcoholic fatty liver, where the liver cells increase production of fat resulting in an enlarged liver. As taken from page 197 of our text.
Delirium tremens(DTs)- As an alcoholic is getting through withdrawal it is possible to have DTs. This happens in extreme acute alcohol syndromes. The individual will go through hallucinations, can become delirious and suffer from a high fever and rapid heartbeat. As taken from page 241 of our text.

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