Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chapters 3&5

This module as compared to the previous was far more interesting to me. I felt as if the laws in regards to drugs and the FDA regulations were very interesting. There was a lot of good information that was presented to us in our text as well as a wealth of information that could be found via a simple Google search A piece of information that I found to be new to me and intriguing was found on page 97 of our text; “A drug marketed before 1962 could no longer be grandfathered in. IF the company could not prove the drug had the qualifications to pass the post-1962 test for a new drug, it was considered a new, unapproved drug and could not be legally sold.” This I felt was one of the most influential pieces of information that I took from chapter 3. It really makes you feel that the government is doing what they are intended to do, and that is protecting their citizens.
Besides information from our text, the internet has a wealth of information on drug law and drug testing. One website that I stumbled across while researching in regards to a classmates post was -à . I thought that this website was very helpful in regards to information on drug testing. Another site that I found to be an information addition was à . This website has plenty of information in regards to random drug testing and also student drug testing. The information ranges from drug use to legislation information.
I feel as if I put forth a good effort this module and added concise information to the module also. I think that if better questions were presented by fellow classmates, I could have contributed even more. I feel as if my question could have been confusing as to where it would lead in the discussion, but it was a topic that I felt needed to be discussed. I don’t mean to complain, but I find it very disheartening when I read a post that is not even relatable. The instructions state, “Make sure that you create one discussion question related to the current chapters in review,” not create a plethora of random thoughts and type them into your post for your classmates to try and pick and choose from. This makes it very hard to read, lets alone try and figure out how to respond. /rant
Three words that were presented that I felt taught me something in this module is as follows; Cross tolerance, Threshold dose, and Pharmacokinetics. All of these terms helped me to understand a little more about the world of drugs. Before this module I had no idea that the use of one drug could affect the tolerance to another, or that there was even a name for the study of the distribution and concentration of drugs throughout one’s body (pharmacokinetics).
With that being said, I felt that this module helped add onto the foundation of knowledge that I have on the subject of drugs and relatable topics. I feel as if the learning is going to continue throughout this semester and I am looking forward to the next module.

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