Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tobacco, Drugs & Marijuana

Throughout this module the exposure to Tobacco, Marijuana and Stimulants was very relatable to everyday life for many people. Some people can go their entire life without being in direct contact with any of the three above mentioned topics, but the reality is that the use of these substances are prominent and ever growing. We learn that each and every substance has its risks and side effects, but that does not seem to stop a large majority of people from abusing one or more of these substances. From our text, “Marijuana use, in particular, is a group motivated behavior that is strongly affected by peer pressure and influence. (pg 391) I found this to be very true. How often do you know of someone or hear about someone that is a, “closet pot head?” Through my internet research is found some very interesting articles. While searching for resources to make a discussion response to a fellow classmate I stumbled across an article from the, Harvard University Gazette. The article was interesting to me because it was disproving the facts that marijuana use had detrimental effects on the brains ability to retain memory. "By day 28, however, there were no significant differences among the groups on any of 10 different tests, and no significant association between cumulative lifetime marijuana use and test scores," Pope says. In other words, the researchers conclude that heavy marijuana use produces no irreversible mental deficits.” I do have to say that I am more interested in Marijuana than tobacco or stimulants. Call it cliché, but that’s just what I find intriguing.

I don’t think that I was able to perform at my best during the discussion in this module. I don’t know if it is me over analyzing or being too critical of myself, but it seems as if certain posts are just hard to respond too. As if they’re awkwardly proposed or just poorly presented. Out of all of the modules thus far, this one has been the more difficult in terms of discussion. As a whole, I do not feel like the effort was there. Looking back at the past modules I am satisfied with my overall performance. I think that I present well researched discussion topics and have provided credible sources. I know that for the majority of my module discussions I have used sources outside of the book. Reason being is that I feel that the book is almost too easy to use to add to the discussions. I like the challenge of creating intriguing and thought provoking question and the hunt for good information.
I look forward to the next module as always. I am predicting that I am going to take a fond interest into herbal drugs.



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