Monday, October 1, 2012

Module Deuce Learning Entry.....

This module has been proven to be a learning experience to me! I have surely absorbed quite a bit of knowledge throughout this module.  Whether it is the interesting drug slang terms, such as: Ditch weed, which is apparently a term for inferior marijuana. I always thought it was called Swag? Or facts such as, "The popular use of illicit drugs, particularly alcohol and tobacco, has caused far more deaths, sickness, violent crimes, economic loss, and other social problems than the combined use of all illicit drugs." which can be found on page 7 of our text. This is a fact that particularly struck me with awe.
I could not believe at first how such a fact could be true until I performed more research to shed more light on the subject. ----> This website helped me throughout the module and also opened my eyes to information in regards to alcohol, tobacco and drug use.

Samantha posted an interesting addition to the learning module in relation to addiction. The website she gave as reference was a nice, quick, and easy site to reference for information on various types of drugs and how the addiction forms. I found it very helpful and thought it would be nice to include in the blog. ---->

I feel that I have made a great contribution to the module with my comments. I feel that I have used my responses and comments to add new information to the Original Posters information and used it to expand and bring in new information. When I find something that is brought to my attention it truly interests me and it makes me want to learn as much about the subject as possible. I feel that addiction is something that is hard to understand completely understand. Samantha's post sparked and interest in me to learn more and more. The website I posted about was ----> and I found that it was a very interesting read about the "Science of addiction."

Pertaining to vocabulary that stuck out to me, I would have to first say that Comorbidity, was something that I never heard of. The definition has taught me about the relationships between drug addiction and mental illness'.
Structural Analogs, although not really a definition per say, was intriguing. I never knew how big the market for altered illegal drugs really was.

All in all this was a pretty successful module in my opinion and it was interesting learning and experiening all of the new information that was presented and found!


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