Thursday, December 13, 2012

Final Wrap Up

This final learning module was on two great subjects, OTC drugs(ch.15) and treating drug dependence(ch.18). Like always, I found that Chapter 15 on OTC drugs was much more intriguing… probably because I am a self medicater due to the fact that I currently do not possess health insurance.  “Each year people in the United States spend more than $18 billion on drug products that are purchased OTC.” (pg 430). “Of the approximately 3.5 billion health problems treated in the United States annually, almost 2 billion can be treated with an OTC drug” (pg 432). With the overwhelming amount of people in this country that do not have health insurance, it does not surprise me at the amount of money that is being spent each year on OTC drugs. “More than 50% of the population routinely us OTC medicines to treat common cold symptoms.” (pg 436) To me, that says that its easier, faster, and probably cheaper to head out to your local drug store and buy forms of OTC medicines to treat your symptoms than it is to seek a health care professional.

In this discussion forum I feel as if I contributed to the best of my ability. I perceive that I was able to bring light to a popular topic and also shed good information on fellow classmate’s topics. Throughout this semester I feel like perseverance and hard work has helped me achieve success in this class. Sure, I do not have a 100% in the class, but I am pleased with my grade. I think that in order to have achieved better grades in the student seminars that I should have included, both information from the book and internet research to make a stronger point.
All in all, the class was a pleasure to take and had a vast wealth of information to absorb.
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